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Table 4 Quality assurance activities in the transfer unit

From: Intermediate care: for better or worse? Process evaluation of an intermediate care model between a university hospital and a residential home

Structural assets - Description of required staff
  - Facilities
Allocation of responsibilities - Job descriptions
  - Job assessment interviews
Protocols - Description of the target population
  - Admission criteria
  - Discharge criteria
  - Routing of the patients using a flow chart
  - Nursing care plans
Information transfer and record-keeping - Transfer procedures from the AMC to the HRHH
  - Patient record
  - Handover procedures during shifts
Monitoring and feedback cycles - Steering group meetings
  - Weekly multidisciplinary meetings
  - Supervision by an AMC geriatric nursing specialist
  - Patient satisfaction questionnaire upon discharge from the transfer unit
  - Training and education
  - Management information system