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Table 2 Example of an evidence profile summary of findings given to the evaluators for them to grade in the pilot study. Example question: Should depressed patients in primary care be treated with SSRIs rather than tricyclics?

From: Systems for grading the quality of evidence and the strength of recommendations II: Pilot study of a new system

Outcome SSRI tricyclics Effect Quality Relative importance
    Relative (95% CI) NNT/NNH   
Depression Severity 5044 patients 4510 patients WMD 0.034 (-0.007 to 0.075) No difference   
Transient side effects 1948/7032 (28%) 2072/6334 (33%) RRR 13% (5% to 20%) 20   
Poisoning fatalities* 1/100,000 per year of treatment 58/100,000 per year of treatment RRR 98% 1754   
  1. * Uncertainty about baseline risk: Fatality data may be influenced by which pills are given to whom, and it is uncertain if changing antidepressant would deter suicide attempts