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Table 1 Principal assumptions of the analysis.

From: Is expanding Medicare coverage cost-effective?

Subjects will remain in stated insurance category. We did not have information on whether subjects continuously or intermittently lacked private supplemental insurance in all datasets.
Administrative costs associated with private supplemental insurance companies are the only relevant costs. It was assumed that costs associated with provider and hospital administration of supplemental policies and employer administrative costs would be negligible.
Private supplemental insurance company administrative costs are proportionate to expenditures. We calculated administrative costs using an expenditure driven formula [see Additional file 1].
We included all relevant covariates in our regression models. It is possible that unmeasured variables explain the observed effects of insurance on costs, mortality, and HRQL.
Expenditures included in the MEPS survey reflect all relevant costs. The costs reported in the MEPS do not include the institutionalized population, over-the-counter (OTC) medications, or alternative care.