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Table 3 Level I primary interventions (Ellis score) ranked by Oxford classification

From: Audit of therapeutic interventions in inpatient children using two scores: are they evidence-based in developing countries?

Diagnosis Patients Prescribed therapeutic intervention Oxford classification Appropriate therapeutic intervention Oxford classification Reference
Acute asthma 22 Beta 2 agonists-Systemic corticosteroids A{1a} Beta 2 agonists-Systemic corticosteroids A{1a} 13
Bronchiolitis 5 Beta 2 agonists-Systemic corticosteroids D{5} Supportive therapy A{1a} 14
Simple febrile seizure 3 Observation A{1a} Observation A{1a} 15
Cellulitis 2 Oxacillin A{1b} Oxacillin A{1b} 16
Acute otitis media 1 Amoxicillin D{5} Antipyretic/analgesic therapy A{1a} 17
Moderate croup 1 Dexamethasone L-Adrenaline A{1a}, A{1b} Dexamethasone L-Adrenaline A{1a}, A{1b} 18
Trichuriasis 1 Albendazole – Mebendazole A{1b} Albendazole – Mebendazole A{1b} 19