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Table 1 Patients excluded because of undefined diagnoses

From: Audit of therapeutic interventions in inpatient children using two scores: are they evidence-based in developing countries?

Diagnosis N° of patients
Convulsive syndrome 4
Acute obstructive bronchial syndrome 2
Acute rhinopharyngitis 2
Recurrent obstructive bronchial syndrome 2
Severe dehydration (referred from other hospitals)* 2
Acute lymphocytic leukaemia** 2
Unclassified dehydration 1
Emetic syndrome 1
Acute haemolytic anaemia of unknown cause 1
Anaemia of unknown cause 1
Thrombocytopenic purpura of unknown cause 1
Thrombocytopenia of unknown cause 1
Histiocytosis (clinical diagnosis) 1
Secondary epilepsy of unknown cause 1
Simple partial epilepsy of unknown cause 1
Munchausen's Syndrome (unclear criteria) 1
Congenital dyskeratosis 1
Neurocysticercosis (presumptive diagnosis) 1
Mental retardation (unspecified cause) 1
Operated hydrocephalousof unknown cause 1
Total 28
  1. *Patients were fully hydrated upon arrival to IESN.
  2. **Patients were referred to other hospital for definitive management.