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Table 2 Psychiatric symptoms and syndromes considered for Principal Component Analysis

From: Observed-predicted length of stay for an acute psychiatric department, as an indicator of inpatient care inefficiencies. Retrospective case-series study.

Considered as present (1) or absent (0): Considered in three categories: (0) no impairment,
(1) light impairment, (2) moderate to severe impairment.
• Delirious ideation • Disordered processing and interpretation of sensory information
• Obsessive ideation • Thought origin impairment
• Suicidal ideation • Thought process impairment
• Any emotional disorder • Judgment impairment
• Any conation disorder (poor motivation) • Language difficulties
• Signs of psychomotor agitation • Consciousness impairment
• Sexual and gender identity disorders • Orientation
• Any sleep disorder • Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder
• Any eating disorder  
• Hygienic habits disorder  
• Any memory impairment