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Table 5 Effects on length of stay; relevant regression coefficients (RC) and covariance with the managed care group (COV, whether this coefficient is positive or negative) for each variable per DRG.

From: Does managed care make a difference? Physicians' length of stay decisions under managed and non-managed care

DRG Diagnosis/ Procedure HMO patients per physician HMO patients per hospital number of insurers per physician number of insurers per hospital number of hospitals per physician
88 Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease -0.22 pos 0.48 neg** pos neg pos*
127 Congestive Heart Failure 0.03 pos** 0.46 neg pos pos pos
209 Hip replacement -0.97** neg** -1.60** neg** pos** neg pos**
358 Hysterectomy with complications -0.25** neg -0.25 pos pos* pos pos*
359 Hysterectomy without complications -0.08 neg** 0.49* neg pos** pos pos
370 Cesarean section with complications -0.29* pos* 0.78 pos* pos pos** neg**
371 Cesarean section without complications -0.08** neg 0.59* pos pos** pos* neg
  1. *p < 0.1 **p < 0.05