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Table 1 List of outcome measures

From: Strategies for the introduction and implementation of a guideline for the treatment of type 2 diabetics by general practitioners (GPs) of the Lazio region of Italy (IMPLEMEG study): Protocol for a cluster randomised controlled trial [ISRCTN80116232]

  Group 1 Group 2 Group 3 Group 4
Outcome group Glycaemic control evaluation outcomes Macrovascular complications preventive measures outcomes Microvascular complications preventive measures outcomes Economic evaluation outcomes
Main outcome Proportion of patients who were prescribed 3 measurements of glycosilated haemoglobin with at least two months' interval Proportion of patients who were prescribed all macrovascular complications assessment tests (1) Proportion of patients who were prescribed all microvascular complications assessment tests (2) Marginal cost per each glycosilated haemoglobin measurement
  1. (1)ECG+lipid assessment (totalcholesterol + HDL cholesterol + triglycerides). (2) Ophtalmologic visit + funduscopy + urine albumin + serum creatinine