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Table 2 Patients' overall ranking (median scores) of the importance of addressing questions regarding joint replacement surgery

From: What questions do patients undergoing lower extremity joint replacement surgery have?

Question 1 (least important) – 5 (most important) THA (N = 29 patients) TKA (N = 19 patients)
Will the surgery affect my abilities to care for myself? 5 5
Am I going to need physical therapy? 5 5
How mobile will I be after my surgery? 5 5
When will I be able to walk normally again? 5 5
What are my options if I decide not to receive surgery? 5 4
Will the surgery cause pain afterwards? 5 4
How long will I be in the hospital? 5 4
Is there anything I can do to eliminate pain after surgery? 4 5
Will I receive medication to manage the pain? 4 4
How will I use the restroom after the surgery? 4 4
Will I have an increased chance of bleeding after surgery? 4 4
Will I need somebody to take me to and from physical therapy? 4 4
After surgery what is my physical therapy going to be like? 4 4
What is the cost of my surgery and physical therapy? 4 4
How common is the condition I have? 4 4
How flexible is the physical therapy program after my surgery? 4 4
Where can I get more information about my disease and ...? 4 4
Will I see the orthopedic surgeon after the surgeon? 4 4
How will I be able to bathe myself after the surgery? 4 4
Will the surgery affect the way I sleep? 4 4
How long will I be under anesthesia? 4 4
Who will take care of me after I leave the hospital? 4 3
Do I continue taking medications during rehabilitation? 4 3
Are there people I can reach for more information and support? 4 3
How many patients like me have decided to have this treatment? 3 4
Will my surgery decision affect my social life? 3 3.5
Will I be able to do household chores/work in the garden after ? 3 3.5
Will the physical therapy make me tired? 3 3
Will the surgery affect my sexual functioning? 3 2
Will my surgery decision change the way I look? 3 2