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Table 2 The nine sites involved in the study of the three policies.

From: User fee exemption policies in Mali: sustainability jeopardized by the malfunctioning of the health system

Study district Free malaria care policy Free caesarean policy Free HIV/AIDS care policy
Sikasso CSREF Sikasso District hospital Regional hospital N/A
  Urban CSCOM Sanoubougou Urban, well attended, dynamic team   
  Rural CSCOM Kafana Rural, isolated, health mutual, well enough attended   
Bamako CSREF Commune 1, Bamako District hospital CSREF Commune 1 CSCOM Commune 2, Bamako, integrated AIDS procedure
  CSCOM Commune 1
Good performance, oldest in the country, popular neighbourhood   USAC Commune 1 Bamako; AIDS procedure = associative unit in the public centre
  CSCOM Commune 1 Djelibougou Recent, well-off neighbourhood   CESAC
Associative centre
Kita CSREF Kita District hospital CSREF Kita N/A
  CSCOM Djidian Isolated, elderly retired physician, community dynamics   
  CSCOM Badinko Well located but poorly attended, new physician