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Table 2 Quality Index of Service Organisation–domains, constituting indicators, definition of indicators and their value to the overall score

From: Factors associated with quality of services for marginalized groups with mental health problems in 14 European countries

Domain Indicator Definition Value
Accessibility Days open Open everyday Mon-Fri 1
Opening hours: a. Open outside normal office hours Open anytime outside normal office hours (Mon-Fri) 1
Opening hours: b. Open at weekend Open at weekend (anytime) 1
Exclusion criteria: a. Lack of motivation No to ‘lack of motivation’ 1
Exclusion criteria: b. Command of language No to “command of language of the host country” 1
Exclusion criteria: c. Addictions No to “addictions” 1
Self-referrals Yes to self-referrals 2
Staff supervision Any supervision internal/external Yes to any supervision (internal/external) 1
Multidisciplinary team Presence of multidisciplinary team Yes to any combination of mental health and social care professionals (at least one mental health and one social care professional) 1
Programmes provided Active outreach/home visits Yes to active outreach or home visits 1
  Case finding Yes to case finding 1
Coordination Routine meetings with other services Yes to routine meetings 1
Evaluation Recording data on input, attendance and satisfaction Yes to recording data on input and attendance 1
Yes to recording outcome data on satisfaction and experience 1