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Table 2 Copenhagen Psychosocial Questionnaire domains, scales and sample items used in this study

From: Interactions between lean management and the psychosocial work environment in a hospital setting – a multi-method study

Domain Scale name Sample items
Demands at work Quantitative demands Do you get behind with your work?
Tempo at work Do you have to work very fast?
Cognitive demands Do you have to keep your eyes on lots of things while you work?
Emotional demands Does your work put you in emotionally disturbing situations?
Demands for hiding emotions* Does your work require that you hide your feelings?
Work organization and job content Influence at work Can you influence the amount of work assigned to you?
Possibilities for development Does your work require you to take the initiative?
Meaning of work Do you feel that the work you do is important?
Commitment to the workplace Do you feel that your place of work is of great importance to you?
Rewards at work Is your work recognised and appreciated by the management?
Interpersonal relations and leadership Predictability* Do you receive all the information you need in order to do your work well?
Role clarity Does your work have clear objectives?
Role conflicts* Are contradictory demands placed on you at work?
Social support from colleagues How often do you get help and support from your colleagues?
Social support from supervisors How often is your nearest superior willing to listen to your problems at work?
Social community at work* Is there a good atmosphere between you and your colleagues?
Values at the workplace Horizontal trust* Do the employees in general trust each other?
Vertical trust Does the management trust the employees to do their work well?
Justice and respect Are conflicts resolved in a fair way?
  1. Note: Scales denoted by an asterisk (*) were used in full while others were used partially.