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Table 3 Additional quotes illustrating themes

From: Is the pharmacy profession innovative enough?: meeting the needs of Australian residents with chronic conditions and their carers using the nominal group technique

Extended scope of practice for pharmacists

Repeat prescribing (Continuing supply)


Yeah, the pharmacist should be able to make prescriptions. (Consumer_1208; Group_13)


…they [pharmacists] should be able to renew them but I think perhaps they should collaborate with the doctor…sometimes medication has changed… (Carer_1149; Group_17)


Pharmacist needs to be able to prescribe medication, at least one that’s been already prescribed, ongoing medication, like contraception pill, or blood pressure medication. (Pharmacy Assistant_2025; Group_11)


…pharmacists able to supply repeat therapies where appropriate. (Pharmacist_2048; Group 18)


…why should I have to spend $60 going to see the doctor…every time I need a new script? It's daft. (Consumer_1115; Group_8)


…I think the pharmacist profession is…much limited by legislation…if there is a side-effect for our medication…he [pharmacist] should be able to replace this medication for you. (Consumer_1208; Group_13)


…they [pharmacists] can probably do that [prescribe] and free up maybe the system a little bit better… (Pharmacy support staff_2042; Group_14)


Maybe a two month supply [of medication]. Because out here [rural setting] we have…a lot of compliance issues because people run out of their scripts…(Pharmacist_2048; Group_18)


Medication adjustments


Pharmacist reviews with the ability to adjust meds [medication] (Pharmacist_2049; Group_18)

New or improved existing pharmacy services

Increased access to pharmacist


…they should have an extra chemist on the floor to explain all these things… (IND_Consumer_1106; Group_4)


Co-location with other healthcare professionals and one-stop shop


…a doctor within the pharmacy, so they come in, we can't do anything about it, straight in to the doctor” (Pharmacist_2068) “Taking that one step further, have an in-pharmacy setup for [a] virtual doctor…” (Pharmacist_2062; Group_23)


…go from door to door and see all their health professionals in a one stop shop… (Pharmacy Support Staff_2024; Group_11)


…have the pharmacy A type class, which is what we have now, and pharmacy B which is the specialist pharmacy who probably is in a health hub, and that's all they do. They don't sell sunglasses and they don't sell body stockings, they just dispense and they are highly trained and you probably pay a bit more… (Carer_1217; Group_15)


Direct pharmacist referrals to health professionals


…refer to professionals and get me into professionals in a timely manner… (Consumer/Carer_1179; Group_Pilot2)


Community health workers


…indigenous health workers out in the community, follow up the scripts… (IND_Consumer_2; Group_3)


Prompt dispensing and ordering (online and dispensing terminals)


…a USB script transmitter…some sort of system like a machine at the front or something that you could access, and bang, bang, bang, this is the script and it goes through to them [pharmacy staff] with a private password or key…it issues a script, and it will give you an estimated time when you can come back or it would be ready… (Consumer/Carer_1041; Group_7)


Chronic Illness Card


…a lot of the elders…travel a long way to go to funerals…That card would be priceless if they had that. So if they went a long distance, go to the chemist, zap it and do whatever they do and the information is right there for them. Because we all do travel… (IND_Consumer_1158; Group_12)


Prescription Reminder Service


…this is your last repeat, they [pharmacies] should give me a warning… (CALD_Consumer_1231; Group_21)


Health promotion, information and service directory


Information nights run by pharmacists and doctors for specific health conditions. (Pharmacist_2053; Group_22)