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Table 2 Innovation themes generated from nominal group participants

From: Is the pharmacy profession innovative enough?: meeting the needs of Australian residents with chronic conditions and their carers using the nominal group technique

EXTENDED SCOPE OF PRACTICE FOR PHARMACISTS • Repeat prescribing (Continuing supply of repeat medication)
• Minor ailments scheme (e.g. for antibiotics, urinary tract infections)
• Medication adjustments (e.g. dosing, side-effect concerns)
• Point of care testing (e.g. blood cholesterol, glucose testing)
• Pharmacist-administered vaccinations
NEW OR IMPROVED EXISTING PHARMACY SERVICES Increased access to pharmacist or other healthcare professionals
• New services: virtual pharmacy consultations, checking technicians, direct referrals to specialists from pharmacists, home visits/community health workers
• Extended services: increased number of pharmacists in the pharmacy, forward pharmacy, Rolls Royce Service, co-location with other healthcare professionals/one-stop-shop
Increased access to medications and information
• New services: prompt dispensing and ordering, e.g. online and dispensing terminals, chronic illness card, drive thru service, service directory, case coordinator
• Extended services: information sessions, health promotion, medication indication on prescriptions, prescription reminder service, home deliveries