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Table 3 Summary of characteristics influencing new drug diffusion

From: Factors affecting the uptake of new medicines: a systematic literature review

Prescriber characteristics (micro- and meso-level) Practice characteristic (meso-level) Drug characteristics (meso-level) Patient characteristics (meso-level)
Socio-demographic characteristics (micro-level) Location (urban or rural) (3/7) Marketing budget of the pharmaceutical company assigned for the new drug (5/7) Age (6/9)
Gender (7/15) Type (solo or group/partnership) (4/7) Overall acceptance (5/6) Gender (1/6)
Age ( 9/14) Size (2/6) Therapeutic novelty (2/3) Health (3/4)
Professional age (4/5) Ownership (private or public), management (reformed or non-reformed), and orientation (for profit or not for profit) (3/4) Competition (1/1) Socioeconomic characteristics (income, education, and health insurance) (3/4)
Training location (4/5) Region (1/4)   Marital status (1/2)
Number of current workplaces (1/2) Accreditation level (1/2)
Nationality (1/1) Diagnostic and therapeutic activities (2/2)   Race/ethnicity (2/2)
Scientific orientation (micro-level) Employee composition (1/2)
Speciality (10/16) Other (2/2)
Hospital affiliation (4/8)  
Board certification (2/6)
Clinical trial participation (3/3)
CME [continuing medical education] and pharmacotherapy audit meetings (PTAMs) (2/3)
Number of professional journals read (2/3)
Perceived scientific orientation (2/3)
Specialist meetings and events (2/3)
Position (1/1)
Prescribing characteristics (meso-level)
Prescribing volume in the therapeutic class of the new drug (10/11)
Total number of patients/prescriptions (6/9)
Prescribing volume of drugs by the same pharmaceutical company (4/4)
Portfolio width (1/1)
Marketing efforts targeted at doctors (meso-level)
Detailing (4/6)
Sampling (2/2)
Direct-to-consumer advertising (DTCA) (1/1)
Contagion through social networks (meso-level) (5/6)
  1. In brackets, the number of studies where the variable was found significant in the adoption process over the number of studies assessing the impact of the variable.