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Table 1 List of disease groups and definitions

From: Better health outcomes at lower costs: the benefits of primary care utilisation for chronic disease management in remote Indigenous communities in Australia’s Northern Territory

Disease group Primary care ICPC codes Hospital AR-DRG codes Hospital ICD-10 codes
Diabetes T87, T88, T89, T90 F11A, F11B, F13Z, K01Z, K60A, K60B E10-E14
Ischaemic heart disease K74, K75, K76 F08A, F08B, F14A, F14B, F14C, F12Z, F01A, F01B, F02Z, F66A, F66B, F74Z, F72A, F72B, F05A, F05B, F06A, F06B, F17Z, F18Z I20-I25
COPD R91, R95 E65A, E65B, E69A, E69B, E69C J40-J44, J47
Renal disease U88, U90, U95 L65A, L65B, L67A, L67B, L67C, A09A, A09B, L02A, L02B, L60A, L60B, L60C, L61Z N00-N16
Hypertension F83, K85, K86 F67A, F67B I10-I13
  1. Notes: AR-DRG = Australian Refined Diagnosis Related Groups; COPD = Chronic obstructive pulmonary disease; ICD = International Statistical Classification of Diseases and Related Health Problems; ICPC = International Classification of Primary Care.