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Table 3 Characteristics of health facilities in Kilosa

From: Accessibility, availability and utilisation of malaria interventions among women of reproductive age in Kilosa district in central Tanzania

Type of HF Name of health facility No. of staff IPTp-SP outreach services SP stock out Laboratory present Provision of blood transfusion services
Hospital Kilosa RCH 11 No 1 month Yes Yes
Health Centre Kimamba 4 No 6 months Yes No
Masange 5 Yes No Yes No
Ulaya 11 Yes 8 months No No
Dispensary Rudewa 4 Yes 6 months No No
Kisanga 4 Yes 1 month No No
Msimba 2 No 12 months No No
Mvumi 5 Yes 8 months No No
Ilonga 5 Yes 12 months No No
  Chanzuru 3 Yes 6 months No No