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Table 2 Causes for drug shortages reported in national reporting systems

From: Drug shortages in European countries: a trade-off between market attractiveness and cost containment?

Production problems  
Italy Production problem (at European level)
France Problems with production
Impurities found in syringe
Lack of active substance
Contamination particular lots
Germany Production problem
Technical defect in the production procces
Problems with manufacturing the solvent
Inability to meet the demand due to problem GMP compliance
Belgium Production problem
Re-engineering of the process and equipment at sterile production site
Availability of raw material
The Netherlands Production problems
Delay startup new production line
Problems with raw materials
Recall of a batch
Problems with quality
Possible contamination
England Manufacturing issues
Spain Problems with sterility based on inspection in France and UK
Economic reason  
Italy Commercial problem
Belgium Stop due to commercial reasons
The Netherlands Economic reasons
Italy Administrative problem
Natural disaster
Regulatory problem
France Mistake in labeling
England Shortage of active pharmaceutical ingredient
Stop supply of alternative
Spain Marketing authorization cancelled
Belgium Limited stock because unavailability of alternative product
Problem of stock
The Netherlands Increased demand
Delayed supply
Logistic problems
Moving production sites
Extensive controll
Delay in delivery of new packages