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Table 2 Health and social care legislation and funding

From: Explaining variation in Down’s syndrome screening uptake: comparing the Netherlands with England and Denmark using documentary analysis and expert stakeholder interviews

  The Netherlands United Kingdom* Denmark
Healthcare system Social Security Healthcare system National Health Service National Healthcare system
Funding of healthcare system Earmarked premiums General taxation General taxation
Organisation healthcare system Health care provided by non-profit hospitals and individual practitioners Stated owned hospitals and general practitioners have contracts with NHS State owned hospitals and general practitioners have contracts with NHS
  Strong influence of healthcare providers and (social) insurers Strong influence of state: SSSMinister of Health responsible for budget Strong influence of state: Minister of Health responsible for budget
  Government responsible for accessibility, affordability and quality of healthcare   
Legislation regarding equality for disabled individuals Act on Equal Treatment of Disabled and Chronically Ill People (2003) (WGBH/CZ) Equality Act (2010) Parliamentary Resolution on equal opportunities for and equal treatment of people with disabilities (1993) (BSF 43)
  Wet gelijke behandeling op grond van handicap of chronische ziekte   Folketingsbeslutning om ligestilling og ligebehandling af handicappede med andre borgere
  1. *Data for England only available at United Kingdom level i.e. the four countries including England.