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Table 2 Mapping of CCM-NC components to Expanded CCM

From: Development of a Chronic Care Model for Neurological Conditions (CCM-NC)

Components of CCM-NC Corresponding expanded CCM component
Socio-economic and political context Community
• Acceptance and Openness to NC • Create Supportive Environment
• Investments and Funding • Create Supportive Environment
o Enhance health and community services by mobilizing technology  
o Support training of HCP and caregivers  
• Evidence-informed Policy • Build Healthy Public Policy
o Needs-based/Reflective of neurological conditions  
o Encourages independence  
o Supports seamless transitions  
o Standardized across provinces  
Community integration Community and health system
• Supported Transitions across care settings and lifespan • Create Supportive Environment and Delivery System Design
• Caregiver Support • Strengthen Community Action
• Life enhancing Resources (Education, Employment, Housing, Transportation) • Create Supportive Environment
Health system Health system
• Knowledge and Awareness among HCP • Decision Support and Information Systems
o Guidelines  
o Online resources  
o Training in self-management principles  
• Knowledge and Awareness among clients • Self-management/Develop Personal Skills
o Self-management support for youth and parents  
• Availability and Access to services • Delivery System Design
o Need for person-centred care  
o Integrative case planning for smooth transitions  
o Lack of services in rural areas  
Intersectoral collaboration Productive interactions and relationships
• Activated and Informed Person/Family • Informed Activated Patient
• Proactive Team of Service Providers • Prepared Proactive Team
• Person-centred Health system • Activated Community
• Healthy Public Policy Across Sectors • Prepared Proactive Community Partners