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Table 2 Interview topics for participants/family caregivers and health professionals

From: Participants’, caregivers’, and professionals’ experiences with a group-based rehabilitation program for Huntington’s disease: a qualitative study

Group Topics
Participants/family care givers • Can you tell about your life at the moment?
  • How do you perceive your own health at the moment?
  • Do you have any problems related to movement, balance, nutrition or swallowing?
  • Do you experience any challenges with taking the initiative?
  • Do you experience any challenges with communication or behaviour?
  • How did you experience the stay at the rehabilitation centre?
  • What do you think about the information you got before the stay?
  • Do you feel that the professionals at the centre understood you?
  • Did you have a contact person?
  • Was the program tailored to your wishes and goals?
  • How did you experience the process of clarifying your goals?
  • How was goals evaluated during the course of the programme?
  • Were you involved in developing an individual plan?
  • What do you think about the content of the program?
  • What did you experience as most useful?
  • Has the program had any impact on your life after the stay?
  • What information were you given when you left the institution?
  • Was information sent to others?
  • What are your experiences with your municipality health care?
  • Can you please tell about any follow-up from the rehabilitation institution?
  • Do you experience any outcomes of the program? And if yes, what?
  • How can the centre improve the program?
Health professionals • Can you explain your role in the program?
  • Can you describe the content of the program from your perspective?
  • Have you any previous experience with patients with Huntington’s disease?
  • How did you experience the planning phase?
  • What did the team do to map participants’ challenges with motor function, problems with swallowing, social function, and nutritional and behavioural issues?
  • Can you tell about processes to clarify participants’ goals for the stays?
  • Did you evaluate these goals?
  • Was an individual plan made?
  • What are your experiences with collaborating with participants’ municipalities?
  • How did you experience the program? What adjustments were made and what are the lessons learned?
  • How can the program be improved?