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Table 1 Professional groups and roles in the rehabilitation program

From: Participants’, caregivers’, and professionals’ experiences with a group-based rehabilitation program for Huntington’s disease: a qualitative study

Professional group Role
Physician/neurologist • Individual medical assessment at the beginning and the end of each stay
Nurses • Coordination, observation and assistance to patients with impaired cognitive function or problems with ADL function
Physical therapist • Focus on improvement of balance and gait function
  • Individually tailored training program based on each patient’s problems/strengths
  • Daily individual training for each patient, assisted by training assistants
  • Daily group activities such as training in groups in the gym and/or in a pool
Occupational therapist • Focus on training of ADL, cognitive function, fine motor exercises and assessment of the need for assistive devices
  • Daily individual follow-up or group activities
Speech therapist • Individual follow-up and group activities at least three times a week
Dietician • Individual follow-up of patients’ with swallowing difficulties or low BMI
Social worker • Individual counselling
  • Initiating processes of establishing an individual care plan
Psychologist • Individual assessment and counselling