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Table 2 Table presenting emergent themes (Left column) from free-text responses to the question, “What are the potential disadvantages of splitting the MDT meeting?”

From: Strategies to improve the efficiency and utility of multidisciplinary team meetings in urology cancer care: a survey study

Theme Explanation
Time restraints More time consuming to attend greater number of smaller meetings
Loss of MDT approach Fragmentation of cancer care into a number of different subgroups
Unavailability of all members Difficulty scheduling multiple meetings into MDT members’ job plans
Loss of educational value Loss of experience of broad range of tumour types
Cross cover More cover needed for MDT member absence
More admin work Greater amount of record keeping and administrative work load associated with larger number of meetings
Lack of communication Loss of face to face contact with specialists who may have slightly different speciality interest and attend different meeting
  1. Explanations for the displayed themes are presented in the right column.