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Table 1 Table presenting emergent themes (Left column) from free-text responses to the question, “How does attending the MDT meeting save time later?”

From: Strategies to improve the efficiency and utility of multidisciplinary team meetings in urology cancer care: a survey study

Theme Explanation
Treatment plan Plans for treatment can be formulated and clarified at MDT meeting
Investigations Investigations (e.g. radiological investigations) can be collated and reviewed
Patient consultation Being familiar with the clinical history, results of investigations and proposed treatment facilitates consultation with patients
Improving pathway The passage of patients from one clinician to another is quicker and more direct
Facilitate discussion Face to face discussion allows questions to be asked and answered directly
Referrals Inappropriate referrals can be avoided and appropriate referrals made directly in person
Record keeping A single record of results and multidisciplinary discussion can be created
Admin Patient follow-up is streamlined and patients are not lost
Non-clinical Improved relationships between team members
  1. Explanations for the displayed themes are presented in the right column.