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Table 1 Demographic characteristics of physicians (n = 20)

From: Hospital physicians perform five types of work duties in Japan: An observational study

Gender (n) Female 10    
  Male 10    
Average age (years) 36.3    
Min–max (years) 27–55    
Position Resident, Assistant professor, Associate professor  
Specialization General Medicine Pulmonology Gastroenterology Neurology
  Metabology Endocrinology Rheumatology Radiation Oncology
  Pediatrics Perinatology Psychiatry Emergency Medicine
  Cardiac Surgery Plastic Surgery Orthopedics Obstetrics and Gynecology
  Urology Otorhinolaryngology Ophthalmology Anesthesiology
Average observation time, h:min:s 10:56:12    
Min–max 4:51:00–14:06:00