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Table 5 Category BContent findings

From: Implementing electronic health records in hospitals: a systematic literature review

General finding Finding code Article numbers
Creating a fit by adapting both the technology and work practices is a key factor in the implementation of EHR. B1 19/21/26/28/31/37
Hardware availability and system reliability in terms of speed, availability, safety, and a lack of failures, are necessary to ensure EHR use. B2 19/24/25/29/30/35/37/40
To ensure EHR implementation, the software needs to be user-friendly with regard to ease of use, efficiency in use, and functionality. B3 19/24/32
An EHR implementation should contain adequate safeguards for patient privacy and confidentiality. B4 25/29/37/40
EHR implementations require a vendor who is willing to adapt its product to hospital work processes. B5 32/33