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Table 5 Theme, sub-theme and codes

From: Factors associated with the utilization of primary care emergency centers in a Spanish region with high population dispersion: a mixed-methods study

Theme Sub-theme Condensed meaning unit Codes Meaning unit
PCEC Utilization Distance affects PCEC use -Greater PCEC utilization in rural than in urban areas. -Access -PCEC use according to distance-accessibility
-Greater PCEC utilization in the same towns where located. -City/Urban area
-Lower PCEC utilization due to distance. -Distance
-Hospital Emergency Services
-Isolated villages
-No public transport
-Lack of private transportation
-PCEC use
Utilization of PCEC as regular local primary care office -Greater PCEC utilization on weekends. -High utilization on weekends. -Description of PCEC use
-PCEC used as afternoon-hours local primary care office. -Access barrier.
-Morning hours only doctors’ office
-Use as regular doctor’s visit.
Greater PCEC utilization by working and student population and by chronic disease patients -PCEC use by working adults. -Students -PCEC clients profile
-PCEC use by students. -Working adults
-PCEC use by chronic patients. -Chronic patients
    -PCEC use  
  1. PCEC: Primary emergency care center.