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Table 8 Relative frequency of the third and fourth level ICF categories in the LBP reports (n = 45)

From: Towards comprehensive and transparent reporting: context-specific additions to the ICF taxonomy for medical evaluations of work capacity involving claimants with chronic widespread pain and low back pain

ICF code Third or fourth level ICF category Relative frequency %
b28013 Pain in back 100
b28016 Pain in joints 98
b7101 Mobility of several joints 98
s7600 Structure of vertebral column 98
s76002 Lumbar vertebral column 93
b2803 Radiating pain in a dermatome 89
d4153 Maintaining a sitting position 89
b7350 Tone of isolated muscles and muscle groups 82
b28010 Pain in head and neck 78
s76001 Thoracic vertebral column 78
e1101 Drugs 76
b28015 Pain in lower limb 76
e5800 Health services 76
b2702 Sensitivity to pressure 71
d4300 Lifting 71
d4154 Maintaining a standing position 64
e1650 Financial assets 62
d8700 Personal economic resources 58
b1342 Maintenance of sleep 58
d4150 Maintaining a lying position 58
b1265 Optimism 56
b4200 Increased blood pressure 56
s76000 Cervical vertebral column 53
s76003 Sacral vertebral column 53
d5702 Maintaining one's health 53
e5702 Social security policies 53
b28014 Pain in upper limb 51
b1602 Content of thought 49
b1303 Craving 47
s7502 Structure of ankle and foot 47
b7301 Power of muscles of one limb 47
d8450 Seeking employment 47
b1301 Motivation 44
d8501 Part-time employment 44
d4105 Bending 44
s7501 Structure of lower leg 42
b4552 Fatiguability 42
b2802 Pain in multiple body parts 42
b7305 Power of muscles of the trunk 42
b1603 Control of thought 40
b1521 Regulation of emotion 40
d4104 Standing 40
d4501 Walking long distances 40
b1261 Agreeableness 38
d8502 Full-time employment 38
e5700 Social security services 38
b1302 Appetite 38
e2450 Day/night cycles 36
d4551 Climbing 36
b1470 Psychomotor control 33
b7300 Power of isolated muscles and muscle groups 33
b28012 Pain in stomach or abdomen 33
b7355 Tone of muscles of trunk 33
s1201 Spinal nerves 31
d2303 Managing one's own activity level 31
b2703 Sensitivity to a noxious stimulus 31
d7701 Spousal relationships 31
b1341 Onset of sleep 31
d7602 Sibling relationships 31
d7601 Child–parent relationships 31
s75011 Knee joint 29
e2250 Temperature 29
b7303 Power of muscles in lower half of the body 29
b7100 Mobility of a single joint 27
s75021 Ankle joint and joints of foot and toes 27
d2401 Handling stress 27
d5701 Managing diet and fitness 27
d2402 Handling crisis 27