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Table 3 Table of included studies in the category Influenza vaccination

From: Reducing hospital admissions from nursing homes: a systematic review

Study, design, Included studies if SR* Population Intervention Control The setting and nationality
Thomas 2010[29], Systematic review Healthcare workers caring for elderly residents in institutions Promotion of vaccination of healthcare workers with any influenza vaccine given alone or with other vaccines Usual care Any type of institution for elderly, including nursing homes
2/5 studies were relevant for inclusion: Hayward 2006, Lemaitre 2009, Cluster-randomised controlled trials     Nursing homes in England and France
Jefferson 2010[28], Systematic review Elderly people Vaccination with any influenza vaccine Usual care Irrespective of setting, including nursing homes
One to 27 out of 75 studies were relevant: Feery 1976, Saah 1986b, Horman 1986, Fyson 1983a, Patriarca 1985a, Goodman 1982, Straburg 1986, Fyson 1983b, Meiklejohn 1987, Cartter 1990c, Cartter 1990a, Cartter 1990, Aylor 1992, Morens 1995, Monto 2001, Murayama 1999, Ruben 1974, Saah 1986a, Arroyo 1984, Coles 1992, Patriarca 1985b, Caminiti 1994, Deguchi 2001, Howells 1975a, Howells 1975b, Howells 1975c, Saah 1986c, Strassburg 1986, Arden 1988, Cartter 1990b, Taylor 1992, Mukerjee 1994, Isaacs 1997, Leung 2007, D’Alessio 1969, Currier 1988, Saito 2002a, Saito 2002b, Gross 1988, Cuneo Crovari 1980, Howarth 1987a, Howarth 1987b     Nursing homes in USA, Australia, Canada, Japan, Italy, China, UK
  1. *See included systematic review for full reference of included primary studies.