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Figure 2

From: The Lablite project: A cross-sectional mapping survey of decentralized HIV service provision in Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe

Figure 2

Laboratory provision in health facilities providing ART on-site. Proportion of facilities with on-site provision or able to refer for testing (remaining facilities have no provision). Referrals may be sample collection on-site with the sample sent to a reference laboratory or the patient may be referred to an alternative facility. A. Haemoglobin. B. White cell count. C. Liver enzymes. D. Urea and creatinine. E. CD4s. F. Viral loads. *Health facilities were asked whether or not they had regular access to CD4 and viral load testing: 1 additional facility in Malawi reported being able to refer for CD4; 3 , 15 and 1 additional facilities in Malawi, Uganda and Zimbabwe respectively reported they could refer for viral load testing but none did so regularly.

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