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Table 1 Reasons given for not visiting a GP surgery to get a flu immunisation based on the patients who were contact by their GP (sub set survey sample, n = 100)

From: “It’s easier in pharmacy”: why some patients prefer to pay for flu jabs rather than use the National Health Service

Reason given for not visiting a GP** Number of patients Proportion of patients (n = 100)
Not convenient to go there 44 44%
Difficult to get an appointment 34 34%
Vaccine unavailable 21 21%
Prefer to go to a pharmacy 15 15%
Other* 18 18%
Total responses 132  
  1. *Other reasons given included not eligible at the surgery (10), unable to access GP (2), patients not wanting to wait (2), patient referred to a pharmacy (1), flu jab batch failures (1), limited flu clinics (1), surgeries considered too crowded (1).
  2. **Note that some patients gave more than one reason, and therefore the total responses (132) exceed the number of patients who responded to this question (100).