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Table 1 Definition of quality indicators

From: Quality care outcomes following transitional care interventions for older people from hospital to home: a systematic review

Quality indicator Definition of indicator
Effectiveness Effective care is based in evidence and is provided to the people most likely to benefit [4, 6, 8].
Efficiency Efficient care is care without waste, including wasted resources [4].
Timeliness Timely care is care that is provided in a timely manner without lengthy waiting periods for patients and their family [4].
Safety and risk Care is low risk and safe when it causes no harm to patients, families or health care staff [4, 6, 8].
Equity Care that is fair to everyone. No group of people receive inferior care based in differences in gender, culture, ethnicity, age, sexuality, geographic location or socioeconomic status [4].
Person and family centred care and experience Care that is respectful of patients and families preferences, values and goals. Care decisions involve patients and families [4, 6, 8].