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Table 2 Score distributions of the PACIC a

From: Implementation of chronic illness care in German primary care practices – how do multimorbid older patients view routine care? A cross-sectional study using multilevel hierarchical modeling

  Mean SD
Overall PACIC scoreb 2.4 0.8
 Patient activation 2.6 1.2
 Delivery system design/decision support 3.5 0.7
 Goal setting/tailoring 2.0 1.0
 Problem solving/contextual 2.5 1.1
 Follow-up/coordination 2.1 0.9
  1. aEach PACIC item is scored on a five-point Likert scale that ranges from 1 (‘almost never’) to 5 (‘almost always’), with higher scores indicating better patient-perceived quality of chronic illness care.
  2. bThese analyses are based on n = 3189 patients; missing PACIC sum scores were imputed.