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Table 2 Secondary analysis of HbA1c (%) for patients with levels recorded within the year before the trial and within the year of the trial itself

From: Effect of telehealth on glycaemic control: analysis of patients with type 2 diabetes in the Whole Systems Demonstrator cluster randomised trial

  Control group mean (standard deviation) (n = 191) Intervention group mean (standard deviation) (n = 266) Difference in mean HbA1c during trial (95% confidence interval)
  Before trial During trial Before trial During trial Unadjusted Adjusted*
Mean HbA1c 8.41 (1.64) 8.38 (1.60) 8.38 (1.68) 8.15 (1.49) -0.26 -0.30
(-0.60, 0.07) (-0.52, -0.07)
      p = 0.125 p = 0.009
  1. *Adjusted for age; sex; last recorded HbA1c, blood pressure, cholesterol quartile and BMI quartile; site (Cornwall, Kent or Newham); smoking status; co-morbid ischemic heart disease; and diabetes management (insulin or non-insulin).