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Table 1 Inclusion and exclusion criteria

From: Patient and public attitudes to and awareness of clinical practice guidelines: a systematic review with thematic and narrative syntheses

Inclusion criteria Exclusion criteria
Public, patient or carer beliefs, feelings, awareness, understanding, knowledge, attitudes, expectations and perceptions of clinical practice guidelines (and/or guidance). Opinion pieces, editorials, narrative reviews and protocols.
  Public/patient involvement in guideline development.
User-testing of public/patient information tools derived from guidelines. Public/patient-centred communication/information not related to guidelines or evidence-based recommendations.
Readability/understandability of public/patient-targeted information materials derived from guidelines.  
  Public health campaigns.
Communicating research results to public/patients within the context of a guideline. Procedure-specific information (e.g. details of surgical operations and their consequences).
Public/patient versions of guidelines  
Computer interpretable guidelines for public/patients. Informed consent for clinical trials.
  Public understanding of science.
Knowledge translation tools for public/patients derived from guidelines.  
English, Finnish, Norwegian, Spanish and German articles.