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Table 3 Total costs, cost savings resulting from averted treatment costs and break-even point per SRH outcome in a YFHC in 2011

From: Cost analysis and exploratory cost-effectiveness of youth-friendly sexual and reproductive health services in the Republic of Moldova

SRH outcome Total costs (USD) Cost savings (USD) Break-even point*
STI 10,600 29.1 364
Unwanted pregnancy 8,500 ††47.8 178
HIV 8,100 †††12,500 0.65
  1. *Number of averted cases required to make the intervention cost saving in one YFHC in one year. Weighed cost of STI consultations, including syphilis or gonorrhoea treatment. Excluding patients’ out-of-pocket medicine costs. ††Weighed cost of medical abortions, normal deliveries, deliveries with complications and ANC co-payments. †††Discounted lifetime treatment cost of an HIV + patient on first-line ART in Moldova, with expected remaining lifetime of 21.5 years.