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Table 4 Classification of preventable adverse events that we propose to use in this study*

From: Protocol for evaluation of the cost-effectiveness of ePrescribing systems and candidate prototype for other related health information technologies

State Proportion Utility Mean duration, L (years) Cost, 2009 (€) Comments Example
Death 0.078 0 3 3,831 Duration here is expected mean survival without the event, as estimated as weighted average from Zegers et al. [29] Vincristine administered by intrathecal route.
Permanent disability 0.047 To be determined 6 6,649 Costs exclude long-term care. No data on mean duration, but a given adverse event is more likely to be fatal in an older person, so mean survival assumed to be a little longer than life years lost in those who died. Haemorrhagic stroke in patient prescribed warfarin and macrolide antibiotics.
Moderate disability 0.617 To be determined 0.2 5,973 Duration ≤6 months in 70% of cases (Baker et al. [30]) Pulmonary embolism in large patient given standard (inadequate) dose of heparin.
Minimal effect 0.257 To be determined 0.05 2,979   Transient urticarial rash in known allergic patient given penicillin.
  1. *Based on Hoonhout et al. [28]