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Table 1 Keywords for intervention, opinion and economic evidence searches

From: Wheelchair interventions, services and provision for disabled children: a mixed-method systematic review and conceptual framework

Population Disability Intervention Study type/outcome measures (economic evidence searches only)
Child* Disab* Wheelchair Cost benefit
Adolescen* Physically impair* Buggy Cost utility
Young* Physical impair* Mobility technolog* Cost effective*
Teen* Handicap* Mobility aid Qaly
Disab* child* Dystroph* Powered wheelchair Quality-adjusted life year
Disab* Cerebral palsy Mobility equipment Quality adjusted life year
Adolescen* Spina bifida Motorised Health economic*
Disab* young* Wheelchair* Mobility training Economic analys*
Disab* teen* Special needs Wheelchair service Cost minimisation
  Amputee Electric scooter Health care cost*
  Complex needs Pushchair Healthcare cost*
  Brain injury Mobility Social economic*
  Brain damage*   Social care economic*
  1. *Indicates truncation of keywords.