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Table 1 Definitions and abbreviations of variables

From: Financial protection effects of modification of China’s New Cooperative Medical Scheme on rural households with chronic diseases

Variable Definition Abbreviation Variable type
Household size Number of household members H-size continuous
Household with aged members Household contains someone aged 60 years or over H-aged categorical
Highest education The highest level of education of any household member (primary school level or below, higher level of education). H-edu categorical
Household income level Household income quintiles H-inco categorical
Household employment status Household head’s employment status H-emp categorical
Poverty Whether the household above or below poverty line Pov categorical
Outpatient utilization Number of times that household members have received outpatient services in the last 14 days Op-uti continuous
OOP of outpatient OOP payments for outpatient services made by the household in the last 14 days Op-OOP continuous
Inpatient utilization Number of times in the last year that household members have used inpatient services Ip-uti continuous
OOP of inpatient OOP payments for inpatient services made by the household in the last year Ip-OOP continuous
Household members with chronic diseases Number of people in the household with chronic diseases H-chro continuous