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Table 1 Disease-modifying drugs for multiple sclerosis

From: Updated cost-of-care estimates for commercially insured patients with multiple sclerosis: retrospective observational analysis of medical and pharmacy claims data

Brand Name Generic Name HCPCS Codesa
Avonexb IFN beta-1a IMb J1825, Q3025
Betaseronb, Extavia IFN beta-1b SCb J1830
Copaxoneb Glatiramer acetateb J1595
Gilenya Fingolimod None
Rebifb IFN beta-1a SCb J1826, Q3026
Tysabri Natalizumab J2323, Q4079
  1. aDrugs were identified by brand names on pharmacy claims and HCPCS codes on medical claims.
  2. bIndicates a DMD included in the study by Prescott et al. [10].
  3. DMD = disease-modifying drug; HCPCS = Healthcare Common Procedure Coding System; IFN = interferon; IM = intramuscular; SC = subcutaneous.