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Table 2 Summarizing study population number, characteristics, data collection techniques

From: A case study of outsourced primary healthcare services in Sindh, Pakistan: is this a real reform?

Administrative authorities Sampling technique M:F Assessment techniques and key persons interviewed
1PPHI (A) Purposive sampling 7:6 FGD with 2 dispensers, 2 LHVs, 2 female medical officer, 1 female Sonologist,
FGD with 6 patients
Individual interview with In-charge medical officer
Individual interview from EPI-coordinator
PPHI (B) 8:5 FGD with 2 dispensers, 1 technician
FGD with 2 midwives and 2 LHVs
FGD with 4 patients
Individual interview with female medical officer
Individual interview with In-charge medical Officer
2DG (C) 7:11 FGD with 9 patients
FGD with two LHVs and three LHWs
Individual interview with 2 female medical officers
Individual interview with 1 male medical officer
individual interviews with 1 dispenser
DG (D) 4:5 FGD with 6 patients
FGD with 2 midwives
Individual interview with 1 Dispenser
  1. 1DG= District government.
  2. 2PPHI = People’s primary healthcare initiative.