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Table 1 Estimation of the costs induced by outpatient chemotherapy sessions in France

From: Impact of the healthcare payment system on patient access to oral anticancer drugs: an illustration from the French and United States contexts

  National Health Insurance perspective
Sector Number of outpatient chemotherapy sessions performed in 2013 Official unit tariff applied in 2014# Cost for the National Health Insurance
Public 1 511 364 396,37 € 599 059 349 €
Private 710 500 304,72 € 216 503 560 €
Total 2 221 864 - 815 562 909 €*
  1. Public sector includes all public hospitals (university hospital centers, regional hospital centers, hospital centers and local hospitals).
  2. Private sector includes clinics and private institutions involved in public service.
  3. #Official unit tariff corresponds to official reimbursement rate applied by the National Health Insurance [17]. The basis for calculation of costs differs between the public sector and the private sector. In the private sector, doctors are self-employed and their fees are paid over and above the per-case mix, while in the public sector, physicians are employees of their institution and their fees are included in the per-case mix.
  4. *Estimations were made from the analysis of the number of outpatient chemotherapy sessions performed in the public and private sectors in France in 2013. The cost supported by the National Health Insurance (NHI) was estimated by multiplying the number of sessions performed in each sector by the corresponding official tariff applied by the NHI. These reimbursement rates are published annually in the Official Journal of the French Republic.