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Table 1 Scoping review included articles

From: Scoping review of patient-centered care approaches in healthcare

Author Article type Population Patient-centered care approach identified
Ballweg [7] Review article Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Developmentally Supportive, Family-Centered Care Model
Berger [8] Review article Psychiatry The Tidal Model
Bickler [9] Review article Surgery Patient-Focused Care Model
Boltz [10] Review article Geriatrics Nurses Improving Care for Health System Elders
Booth & MacBride [11] Review article Generic Patient-Centered Clinical Method
Briggs [12] Review article Palliative Care/ National Consensus Project for Quality Palliative Care
Physical Therapy/
End of Life Care Hypothesis Oriented Algorithm for Clinicians
Framework for Rehabilitation of Neurodegenerative Diseases Framework for Assessment in Oncology Rehabilitation
Models of Practice in Palliative Care
Browne et al. [13] Review article Nursing Decentralization
Cox [14] Review article Psychiatry Biopsychosocial Model
deLusignan et al. [15] Review article Nursing Model for Patient-Centered Consultations with Nurses in Primary Care
DiGoia et al. [16] Prospective study Orthopedics Patient and Family Centered Collaborative Care
Enguidanos et al. [17] Randomized control trial Geriatrics/Psychiatry Integrated Depression Care Management Model
Ford et al. [18] Review article Nursing RNAO Best Practice Guideline on Client Centered Care
Hantho et al. [19] Review article General Malterud’s Key Questions
Stuart’s BATHE Model
The Communication Model
Hatzichristou & Tsimtsiou [20] Review article Urology Patient Centered Model for the Management of Sexual Dysfunction
Kelleher [21] Review article Intensive Care The Synergy Model
Kibicho & Owczarzak [22] Qualitative research Pharmacy Patient-Centered Pharmacy Services
McCormack [23] Qualitative research Geriatrics Authentic Consciousness
Rosvik et al. [24] Qualitative research Geriatrics VIPS Practice Model
van der Eijk et al. [25] Qualitative research Neurology Theoretical Model of Patient Centeredness for Parkinson’s Disease