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Table 5 Results of the factor analysis

From: Adaptation and validation of the patient assessment of chronic illness care in the French context

  Item Factor 1 Factor 2 Dimension
Factor 1 2. The GP helps me to make a treatment plan that I could do in my daily life 0.707 0.416 Customisation
5. The GP thinks about my values and traditions when s/he recommends treatments to me 0.498 0.373 Customisation
6. The GP helps to plan ahead so I could take care of my illness even in hard times 0.730 0.301 Customisation
7. The GP told me how my visits with other types of doctors help my treatment 0.544 0.048 Experience
8. The GP shows me how what I do to take care of my illness influence my condition 0.717 0.208 Cooperation
10. The GP asks me questions about my health habits 0.649 0.505 Customisation
15. The GP asks me how my chronic illnesses affect my life 0.710 0.502 Experience
16. The GP asks me to talk about any problems with my medicines or their effects 0.589 0.281 Experience
17. The GP asks me if I am satisfied with the organisation of my care 0.497 0.408 Experience
18. The GP contacts me to know how things are going 0.520 -0.012 Experience
Factor 2 1. The GP asks about my ideas when we made a treatment plan 0.468 0.573 Customisation
3. The GP gives me a copy of my treatment plan 0.638 0.673 Cooperation
4. The GP gives me choices about treatment to think about 0.596 0.684 Cooperation
9. The GP asks me to talk about my goals in caring for my illness 0.551 0.654 Customisation
11. The GP helps me to list things that I can do to improve my health 0.605 0.633 Cooperation
12. The GP refers me to a dietician, health educator, or counsellor 0.384 0.719 Cooperation
13. The GP encourages me to go to a specific group to help me with my chronic illnesses 0.252 0.888 Cooperation
14. The GP encourages me to attend programs in the community that could help me 0.318 0.767 Cooperation