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Table 3 Focus questions for audit data collection and analysis

From: Pilot implementation of allied health assistant roles within publicly funded health services in Queensland, Australia: results of a workplace audit

Subject Focus questions
Role descriptions Do the generic and contextualised role descriptions have transferability to a variety of worksites, disciplines, clinical areas and locations?
Do they promote consistency in the role and scope of practice through supporting development of task lists?
Are the key accountabilities clear, appropriate and do they differentiate roles at different levels?
Task lists Do the tasks align with the key accountabilities at each level?
Should additional tasks be added to the list?
Were all the tasks on the list being delegated to the assistant? If not, why?
Were there any tasks being delegated to the assistant that were not on the task list? What were they?
Did the task list describe the required level of supervision for each role?
Induction and training Was there a process in place to ensure that each allied health assistant was competent to perform their role?
Supervision and delegation Were the allied health assistant and the delegating allied health professionals aware of the assistant’s scope of practice?
  Were formal supervision arrangements in place?
  Were all tasks that should have been delegated to the assistant being delegated?
  Was the assistant working without appropriate supervision or performing tasks that should not have been delegated to them (due to skill deficiencies or client complexity for example)?