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Table 1 System parameters[22]

From: Local interaction strategies and capacity for better care in nursing homes: a multiple case study

Parameter Definition
Interconnections Networks of interconnection develop when staff members interact to complete work [23]. Interconnections create social networks and feedback loops through which tacit knowledge develops and grows; local changes in behavior can give rise to system-wide change [24], influencing the extent to which the organization is capable of new behaviors.
Rate of new information flow Staff members share information with each other about patients and work processes. The rate with which staff in a system share new information will influence generation of new behaviors [22].
Diversity of cognitive schema Cognitive schemas arise from social, educational, or cultural backgrounds, organizational roles, and age [25]. They are mental models by which people evaluate and make sense of information [26]. Diversity of cognitive schema refers to the variety of mental models available with which to expand possibilities for understanding and acting in novel ways.