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Table 4 Integration mindsets framework

From: A cognitive perspective on health systems integration: results of a Canadian Delphi study

Mental Model Type Definition Knowledge (information & awareness) Beliefs/Perceptions (opinions or internal feelings)
Strategy Mental Model A conceptualization of what is being integrated and how, why and for whom it is being integrated • Targets • Consequences of integrating
   • External clients • Appropriateness of selected strategy
   • Goals • Integrity of decision-making processes
   • Long-term vision • Readiness for change
• Methods  
• Evaluation
Relationships Mental Model A conceptualization of the organizations, groups, and individuals (including one’s self) involved in integration and how they are connected • Competencies • Appropriateness of role structure
   • Contributions • Identification with the integration initiative
• Accountabilities • Recognition of shared responsibility
• Interdependencies • Importance of client involvement
• Communication