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Figure 2

From: Substitution of physicians by nurses in primary care: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Figure 2

Effects of physician-nurse substitution on patient satisfaction in A) all trials and by B) subgroups. Legend. CI, confidence interval; df, degrees of freedom; N, total number of patients; SMD, standard mean differences; SD, standard deviation; Chi2, statistical test for heterogeneity; P, p-value of Chi2 (evidence of heterogeneity of intervention effects); I2, amount of heterogeneity between trials; Overall P, p-value for significance of effects of interventions; NLC, Nurse-Led Care; PLC, Physician-Led Care; NP, Nurse Practitioner; NP+, Nurse Practitioner with higher degree/courses/specialisation; RN, Registered Nurse. *All trials had ≥20% attrition in at least one arm.

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