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Table 2 Time spent on caregiving activities and cost of informal caregiving (n = 85)

From: Cost and burden of informal caregiving of dependent older people in a rural Indian community

Care activities Time spent on care giving mean (SD) Annual costsaof informal caregiving mean (SD) Total annual costs of informal caregiving
In Indian rupees In US dollars In Indian rupees In US dollars
Activities of Daily Livingb 27.2 (8.9) (hours/week) 53139.7 (17468.9) 987.7 (324.7) 4516875.0 83956.8
Health Service Utilizationc 17.6 (29.9) (minutes/week) 574.4 (975.4) 10.7 (18.1) 48821.3 907.4
Other activitiesd 11.1 (10.8) (hours/week) 21738.9 (21151.3) 404.1 (393.1) 1847812.5 34345.9
Total 38.6 (15.3) (hours/week) 75453.0 (30075.2) 1402.5 (559.0) 6413508.8 119210.2
  1. aProxy good method to value the informal care time close to a market price of a professional substitute; bTime spent on Activities of Daily Living- includes time spent on assisting the older care recipient to eat, dress, look after their appearance, toileting and bathing; cTime spent to accompany the older care recipient, while travelling to health facilities and utilizing the health services; dTime spent on supervision and helping with communication of the older care recipient. Conversion value of One US dollar = 53.8 Indian rupees, according to values recorded on 25.02.2013.