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Table 1 Interview guide with interview questions asked in the study

From: Goals of telephone nursing work - the managers’ perspectives: a qualitative study on Swedish healthcare direct

1. What do you, as manager, see as the goal for telephone nursing work, for example when parents call for their sick children?
2. How do you view telenurses’ understanding of work, described in a study from 2009?
3. How do you regard the Swedish public health goal of health promotion can be met through telenurses’ communication with parents in paediatric health calls?
4. How do you relate your expressed goals for telephone nursing work and the Swedish public health goals to the telenurses’ requirements of efficiency and time limited calls in their work?
5. What is your view regarding the mother caller percentage of 70 to 80 percent in paediatric health calls both in Sweden and internationally?
6. In one of our earlier studies, mothers had received self-care to almost a double extent, compared to fathers, who instead, to the same extent received a referral to other health services. What is your view regarding this?
7. If the above gender result was reproduced if measured today – how would you, as manager, deal with this?